What is All Systems GO?

This is a simple service that your monitoring installation can check in with periodically. If the service doesn't hear from your installation, it will send you an email alert.

Checking in to the service guarantees the following about your monitoring infrastructure:

  • Power is on at the site
  • The monitoring server is on
  • The monitoring service is running
  • The local network is functioning
  • The Internet connection is working
  • Basic DNS lookups are working

If any of the above fail, the periodic check in won't happen, and you'll be alerted.

Why would I want this?

If any of the above points goes wrong, your monitoring system won't be able to tell you about problems that are happening. This is a backup system to let you know about that situation.

How do I use it?

Create an All Systems GO monitor in the Advanced Services > Global Monitors area of your monitoring service (in PA Server Monitor, PA Storage Monitor or PA File Sight).

Can I watch Satellites this way too?

There is no need to do that - the Central Monitoring Service will keep track of and alert you about Satellites. This is just to let you know if something happens to the Central Monitoring System.